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Welcome to ichaichayaoi. We are a free-form Naruto RPG. We RP actively in IRC... 24/7. Please refer to the userinfo for more information.

The community is for announcements regarding roleplay. RP will NOT be posted here. All roleplay happens in IRC, and I do keep logs. Logs will not be posted here, either, but are available if a roleplayer requires them.

Regarding the timeline... this rpg begins approximately one year after the manga's time change. So Naruto and friends are 16 now, and other characters' ages may be adjusted accordingly. All manga events other than the initial character reintroductions will not be included in this RPG. i.e. Gaara's kidnapping, etc. For more information, or if you have questions, just ask.

Plotting is encouraged! Character journals are required! You must RP fairly often in IRC, and update your character journals fairly... regularly. I'm not going to be a Nazi about it, but I would like things to be upkept. One more guideline... do -not- move other's characters.

Please, have fun. We're here for entertainment. This is not real life, this is roleplay.
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