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Icha Icha Yaoi!


What are we?

This is an anything-goes IRC-based roleplay game for Masashi Kishimoto's anime/manga series Naruto.

This RPG is for mature audiences. There will be violence, angst, and many many sexual situations. Don't apply if you can't handle it. You must also be 18+ to join due to the sexual situations.

How do we play?

All pairings are welcome, and all Naruto characters are welcome. Despite the community name, yuri and het will also be more than acceptable. ^_^;; Membership into the community is moderated, and only roleplay journals (for approved characters) will be allowed to join. It's better that way, really. [Note: No, we will not have respect for your OTP. Don't ask.]

You will be required to participate on IRC. This will allow your character(s) to interact much more than just through journal play. Please see the locked community post for instructions to get on IRC... or you can contact me.

IRC roleplay will be done in PRESENT tense. These are events that we are playing to be happening NOW, preferably in realtime. Journal entries will be written in PAST tense, to recap roleplay that happens in channel. Please try to update your character journals fairly regularly, even if it's just a few lines. This affords all players extra chances for interaction.

For in character roleplay items that are not of the 'journal' type, we have an 'extras' journal, ichaichaextras. Things such as newspaper clippings, anonymous items, deliveries, notes, etc, may be posted there.

Want to join?

To apply, please email Jiraiya. You should include an example of what we can expect from your roleplay. It should be at least ten sentences long and preferably in the journal style. You should read the community friends page before you apply, and your sample application should reflect that you've read it and understood the current events. You should also include your given name, livejournal name, and an alternate form of contact, such as AIM, with your application.

Original characters are not accepted. You have more than enough shinobi to choose from!

Due to the nature of IRC servers, for the time being the maximum number of characters you may have is THREE. This will also prevent any characters from being 'ignored.'

Taken Characters:

Aoba :: pwned_yamashiro
Asuma :: tabako_no_jutsu
Gaara :: suna_no_shukaku
Genma :: ayummysenbon
Hinata :: white_eye_devil
Iruka :: dolphin_baby
Itachi :: _tsukuyomi_
Jiraiya :: er0seninjiraiya
Kakashi :: masked_hatake
Kankurou :: puppetshinobi
Kiba :: akamarustyle
Kisame :: thrill2thegills
Lee :: rock_lee_4evah
Naruto :: tensai_shinobi
Sasuke :: redeyed_avenger
Shikamaru :: how_troubesome
Shizune :: pigholder
Shino :: whatbugsme
Temari :: kaze_no_temari

All other roles are available until applied for and approved.

Contact er0seninjiraiya if you have questions!